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*** Association Update - January 2021***

     As you may many have noticed, the North Carolina Tactical Medical Association has been dormant for the past couple of years.  Most would agree, the year 2020 was anything but ordinary, especially for those serving in the public safety community.  For some in our association, however, 2020 was nothing more than an extension of challenges that began earlier in 2019 - challenges which required focus, dedication, and hard work to overcome.  

     With the past years in our rear-view mirror, we are pressing on into 2021 with renewed strength, ideas, and plans to rebuild this association into a relevant resource for North Carolina's tactical medical community.  Stay tuned!  We will be posting more information within the next few weeks.  Drop us a line here if you have questions or are interested in helping out.


Regional Tactical Medical Training

Bringing the North Carolina Tactical Medicine Community together. Offering training events for providers throughout the state to hone their skills.

Tactical Medicine Resources for Members

Finding reliable resources can be hard. NCTMA makes vetted tactical medicine resources available to members for use and adaptation to their agency's needs.

Networking for Tactical Medical Professionals

No one person has all the answers. We strive to create a community of professionals, providing care in austere environments. Knowledge sharing is a driving force of NCTMA.


The North Carolina Tactical Medical Association (NCTMA) was developed with the goal of improving tactical medical care through the state of North Carolina. While our membership is not closed to the state, many of our projects are guided by the needs of NC. We have created a community of silent professionals, who desire to be better practitioners regardless of the environment they are put in. Providing cutting edge information, access to next generation equipment and world class training we can only hope to make the community we serve safer.




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